21st of February 2018   Wilminktheater   Theme: Cyber Security
ASML Procam Thales TNO Topicus


Vigilance is a symposium on security. The central idea behind Vigilance is that in today’s society it is becoming increasingly important that people are on the lookout for security issues in information systems. It is a problem with huge societal impact, for companies, governments and civilians alike. Security issues can lead to data breaches, a lack of control over important systems and more. Problems that emerge from data breaches include privacy issues, intellectual property being stolen or, more impactful yet, classified government information being leaked. Losing control over systems can lead to all kinds of chaos. Imagine the trouble that would be caused by all street lights in a big city going out for a few minutes, the stock markets being unavailable for just some seconds, or losing all networking connectivity for some time as a company. Things like that cost huge amounts of money, sometimes even lives.

Vigilance will have talks on subjects including hacking, data leaks, privacy and more. Possible talks include case studies, research related talks and talks about societal impact of security issues. Furthermore, workshops may be given as an intermezzo between talks. There is also the possibility of having short video lectures run during lunchtime.

All in all, Vigilance is a symposium that will inspire visitors to rethink their position in today’s important yet fragile IT landscape.