Symposium Omniscient

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Data Science

February 6th 2019

Omniscient adjective

om·​ni·​scient ― \äm-ˈni-shənt\

Having or seeming to have unlimited knowledge

Data Science provides us with an almost unlimited amount of knowledge, we can interpret large datasets and make calculations like never before. With all the new techniques and innovations, there is hardly any field where Data Science is not being used.

This is why on the 6th of February in 2019, the symposium committee of Inter-​Actief will organize its yearly symposium all about Data Science and its applications. We are entering many different fields within Data Science and are hardly leaving anything left unspoken. Let us show you around the different techniques and innovations that people have created to enhance the knowledge and productivity of mankind.

With a day full of interesting talks, points for discussion and networking, there is no reason to not broaden your horizon and get hyped for the continuously growing field of Data Science. Stay up to date by looking for the Omniscient posters in the upcoming months, where we will be releasing more information about the symposium.