Jotte Sonneveld
Jotte Sonneveld
Jotte started studying Technical Computer Science at the University of Twente in 2015, and recently graduated from the 4TU master Cyber Security. He is a familiar face at Inter-Actief, being part of the board in 2017/2018 and as a member of countless committees. In their period as a student, Jotte had the pleasure to experience many symposia and congresses in different roles, and is excited to be your host at Symposium Denarius.
Mark Wijsman
Mark Wijsman
Mark Wijsman is an experienced live host of international symposia and events. Previous hosting work includes ASML, TEDx, Tweakers, Insight Enterprises and Rabobank. He enjoys researching new topics and is well versed in the fields of tech and innovation He looks forward to taking you along in the world of finance and tech through an interactive and engaging program.


Edwin Vlieg (CEO and founder)
Edwin Vlieg (CEO and founder) | Moneybird
Building the best bank interface in the world without the burden of being a bank: Moneybird has figured it out. By partnering with Adyen they can expand their accounting SaaS with financial services. Founder and CS alumnus Edwin Vlieg will talk about the up and downs of building on their promise to automate all accounting for SMEs. Click here for more info on Moneybird.
Ayush Mittal
Ayush Mittal | ING
Ayush Mittal is a Chapter Lead – IT , working for ING Bank. Ayush has been designing and developing enterprise software applications for more than 12 years. He enjoys designing and developing complex distributed systems that are resilient, highly available, easily observable and are critical to the functioning of modern financial institutions. He is also a big fan of functional programming and uses the FP paradigm in his daily work to build robust and scalable systems. Ayush is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and contributing to the community through various online forums and meetups. Click here for more info on ING.
Kees Oosterlee
Kees Oosterlee | Utrecht University
Professor Kees Oosterlee (Utrecht University) performs research on computational techniques in financial mathematics. Research is inspired by practical challenges, where sustainable financial risk management is among his application areas. Mathematically, it is the interaction of applied probability, numerical mathematics, scientific computing and data science that is his main interest. Recently, also machine learning in finance is conducted in his group. Oosterlee is co-author of two books (Multigrid 2001, and Mathematical Modeling and Computation in Finance, 2019), and many scientific publications. He has been teaching at Oxford Uni, UK, Hitotsubashi Uni., Japan, Uni. A Coruna Spain, amongst others. Click here for more info on Utrecht University.
Ekaterina Svetlova
Ekaterina Svetlova | University of Twente
Ekaterina Svetlova is Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance at the University of Twente. Previously, she held positions as a researcher and a lecturer at the University of Leicester in the UK, University of Constance in Germany and University of Basel in Switzerland. She also gained practical experience as a portfolio manager and financial analyst in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on AI ethics, financial models and valuation studies as well as on risk management and risk communication by firms and local and central governments. She is author of a monograph Financial Models and Society: Villains or Scapegoats (Edward Elgar), co-author of the book Chains of Finance: How Investment Management is Shaped (Oxford University Press) and co-editor of the volume Enacting Dismal Science: New Perspectives on the Performativity of Economics (Palgrave). Click here for more info on University of Twente.
W.J.M. (Wilco) Brouwers & E. van Werven
W.J.M. (Wilco) Brouwers & E. van Werven | BakerTilly
Drs. W.J.M. (Wilco) Brouwers, Director IT Advisory, and E. van Werven, Manager IT Advisory, from BakerTilly will give a talk on information security management and risk analysis. Due to growing threats and consequences of security incidents, companies are actively implementing information security management (ISM). ISM protects sensitive information from unauthorized activities and any disruption or destruction. The goal is to ensure the safety and privacy of critical data such as customer account details, financial data or intellectual property. Regulators such as DNB require companies to make risk analysis of assets and implement appropriate measures. How Baker Tilly helps companies to make risk analysis and to design and implement the right measures is topic of this presentation. Furthermore Wilco and Emil will explain how companies can prove regulators that measures are implemented and working. Click here for more info on BakerTilly.
Bart Leurs
Bart Leurs | Rabobank
Innovation has been the driving force behind many changes that transformed our lives. From the way we communicate to the way we conduct business: technology has revolutionized every aspect. Innovation is crucial for Rabobank to stay competitive and to achieve our mission of growing a better world together. In this presentation, Bart Leurs, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, will discuss the impact of innovation and share examples of how Rabobank innovates to improve customers daily life, build new business models and invest in key transitions where the bank can make meaningful difference. Click here for more info on Rabobank.
Luc Correia Cabrito
Luc Correia Cabrito | Icoinic
With a background in education and IT, Luc got intrigued by the blockchain technology at the end of 2016. Since then, while exploring the Dutch landscape of blockchain communities, Luc became a known face in the Dutch ecosystem and started working at Icoinic Capital, an investment group with a focus on digital assets based in Amsterdam. During 2021 Luc took over the role of Portfolio Manager of the Icoinic DeFi Fund, a fund that aims to provide exposure to the Decentralized Finance space, the innovative forefront of current blockchain developments. The strategy of the fund consists of providing yield to decentralized protocols, staking and other forms of on-chain activities. Click here for more info on Icoinic.