About SymposIA

SymposIA is a web application created by study association Inter-Actief to provide a tailor-made CMS to symposium committees. It allows committee members to effectively publish information about the symposium with complete flexibility on the web site design. Also, a ticket system for visitors which links to the Inter-Actief streeplijst is provided so visitors, both members of the study association and others, can easily sign up. The application serves not only the current symposium, but from the same code also the previous and next symposia organized by Inter-Actief. Web sites from symposia prior to 2017 can be found on the Inter-Actief web site.

The idea for the SymposIA application started in 2014 when a web site for symposium MoveIT was being developed. Due to a lack of time of the developer the system was not adapted to be suitable for multiple symposia. However, the effort continued and the ideas got more developed. An improved version was used for symposium Cashflow, however, the (at this point two) developers were not happy with some parts of the system. Therefore some major parts have been rewritten to form SymposIA.

SymposIA was launched in 2017 with symposium Virtuosity as 'launch partner'.


SymposIA was created by Jan-Jelle Kester and developed by the following people:

  • Jan-Jelle Kester (2014 — ...)
  • Dex Bleeker (2015 — ...)
  • Yoeri Otten (2017 — ...)


The developers grant study association Inter-Actief a license to use and modify the SymposIA web application. No part of the SymposIA web application can be sold or used by third parties without explicit permission of the authors of the application.

This page (and all other symposium pages) are provided by SymposIA.

SymposIA is a web application for managing the symposia of study association Inter-Actief. — Credits & license